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This year National Day, marry a bit " expensive "
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Reporter yesterday celebrates formal guild know from city marriage, national Day Nanjing has more than pairs of 8000 new personality to hold wedding this year, it is this year marriage celebrate the market most the season of flourishing, and each bridal charge also when the river rises the boat goes up too.

Hotel marriage banquet rises in price generally more than 30%

The personage represents city marriage related Qing Liyi guild, this year the new personality of National Day marriage compared with 7000 pairs of last year, rise somewhat, but still not as good as 15 thousand pairs of 2006. Among them, the person that will do wedding with 4 days on October 2 is most.

Serve as wedding " big head " , charge of hotel marriage banquet rises in price generally. The reporter understands, 11 during, international conference big public house a price of banquet of every desk marriage it is 2999 yuan, compared with last year 2199 yuan quote, rise extent exceeds 40% . Inn of Jiang Dong of fishing port of exposed to the sun this year 51 during a price of banquet of every desk marriage or 1500 yuan, can arrive 11 had become 1600 yuan. The basis saves the preliminary count of meal guild, this year during National Day, the marriage banquet price of the hotel rises compared to the same period extent exceeds 30% . Come down on average, basically every desk charge is in SamSung class hotel 1400~2000 yuan between, hotel of 4 stars class is in 1800~2800 yuan between, hotel of 5 stars class is in 2800 yuan of above.

"What we order is the marriage banquet of hotel of class of some 4 stars, 2400 yuan of one desk, altogether 20 desks, light compares the budget last year one piece this many 8000 multivariate. " thank a young lady to say.

Come on the stage when red emcee cost " violent wind " go to 2600 yuan

Use the main figure of atmosphere as perforative and bridal full-court, belt, the social status of emcee also carries taller more. Chinese marriage celebrates sea of boat of chairman of branch of compere club Nanjing to say, during National Day, a few famous emcee come on the stage cost is in 2000 yuan of ~2600 yuan between, and last year is 2000 yuan at most. Thank a young lady to bite gnash one's teeth, deciding emcee formerly in 1500 yuan red bag, put 800 yuan more again. "Whole town marriage celebrates a bound to become red emcee so a few, golden week marrier much, want to marry all one's life also, how must also ask good. " she says.

Marriage celebrated a company to also increase quoted price secretly. "If want to make a more delicate wedding, the price is in 15000~20000 yuan. " marriage of Luo Man front courtyard celebrates company relevant controller to tell a reporter, this quote is compared last year tower above 30% , because each charge such as artificial this year, material is in,go up. (13 edition " the market observes " )

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