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Tibetan mastiff " marry " betrothal gifts costs 60 thousand yuan
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Tibetan mastiff " defend a country " and " a thousand pieces of gold " formal yesterday Bai Tangcheng kissed, but hot and dry weather can kill them sufferred from, from A to Z, their sweat Da Da ground had not stopped.
Their union still expends setbacks quite really. New a form of address for one's wife to mix oneself beloved dog happy knot manages repeatedly, its host spent 60 thousand yuan of betrothal gifts to still do not calculate, it still fell now " female chase after male " renown head.
New a form of address for one's wife still made up a dot yesterday, went up look line, draw eyebrow, below burning sun, pieces of whole its face resembles a canvas.
Romantic and bridal amusing everybody
Area opening blessing scoops up Dao He to press down group of mountain of black rock of white glow village one common inside small courtyard. Fiery happy word, bright red carpet, firework cracker is transmitted in succession. Each guest was swarmed whole small courtyard.
Bridegroom " defend a country " came on the stage first. Its bosom takes bright red flower, two feet one bump of one bump, move toward red carpet prancingly, it often gives out low growl, draw every piece scream: "Very handsome ah... " " defend a country " a when crouch in red carpet, abrupt, it " whiz " ground sit up, rush forth, iron chain is procrastinated to go out by it old far. The person on the side is frightened start aside goes old far. And it, the eyes also becomes enthusiastic by the inhospitality before rise.
Down " defend a country " enthusiastic and expected eyes looks at the past, a golden appear in at the moment -- new a form of address for one's wife " a thousand pieces of gold " come on the stage!
New a form of address for one's wife is very bashful, the safflower before the bosom reflects the face so that resemble a peach blossom. It is low head, walk slowly, that appearance lets " defend a country " some are anxious. "Defend a country " in a low voice growl a few, straight straight ground looks at a sweetheart. "A thousand pieces of gold " insecurity, carry the eye looks, mouth close lightly close lightly, laughed bashfully it seems that. Surrounded the person of view to be teased.
"A thousand pieces of gold " another when crouch in red carpet. It often takes an eye to take aim the bridegroom besides a few paces.
After dichotomy bell, chief witness at a wedding ceremony announces wedding begins.
"Defend a country " and " a thousand pieces of gold " move toward red carpet slowly at the same time in the center of. Beautiful firework instant profusion falls, wave fall in " defend a country " and " a thousand pieces of gold " on the body, they are leaning close each other, good not sweet.
"Defend a country " very come thing, it sees the big safflower before the bosom, look at again aside new a form of address for one's wife, had twisted a head to rush " a thousand pieces of gold " a chaos licks bashful cheek.
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