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The choose of maiden man occasionally type
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The woman with the woman as a result of pretty woman, virtuous woman, tenderness, able nowadays makes a person dazzling, marry which kinds of female talent to suit his after all, won't just regret later? This is a problem that solves hard really.

Ordinarily, similar " Xi Shi " cannot marry. Because Xi Shi is too beautiful, everybody loves the United States, the others when so you love her also wants to love her, but too too beautiful thing actually however under cover is dangerous, your person all the day be nervous, say to forbid which days to be able to be troubled by " Gong Xing gives a wall " , " green cap " press so that you carry all one's life do not come at first, at this moment you are before acquaintance, the mentality that still has the sort of showing off? I want to be able to make you hide only not as good as.

Of course, "Apply east " also cannot marry. East Shi Taichou, put in the home firm it is reliable, can give a wall with be at ease and need not worrying about Gong Xing. But, face that piece of hideous face every day, you can happy? Long for the sort of hard time to end at an early date only.

The beauty v/arcs born under an unlucky star, too too pretty woman is like not long-lived; But, too not female woman also can v/arc born under an unlucky star. Since too " conspicuous " or too " fall numerous " may be a kind of burden, might as well look for moderate of a degree of finish, red white alternate with, tenderness to hold able woman concurrently, very popular woman. Others has piece of face, she also has a look, unapt also meeting pollutes the perspective of others; Others can carry food basket, she also can leave a kitchen; People can be born the child, she also can hold out an abdomen. Should say this kind of woman is married coming also is good luck really, do not carry out revolution in the home, do not want to become a leader, do not argue advantageous position with you, do not seize benefit to you, married this kind of woman so, it is quiet in the home. Quiet although quiet, but in the home little however some kind of lasting appeal. Even if this kind of woman can be tender and smooth, but won't earn money, won't public relations, won't enterprise, the kitchen was gotten below, go out not to get hall hall however, make you lose face.

Look so, wive is about to marry have ability, be popular, play so that turn. At present is not to promote " madam diplomacy " , marry can " public relations " (tackle key problem) the woman is much better! What thing need not your anxious, you still do not have reaction to come over, you think the thing that do has done appropriate for you, each way has been your get through, much save trouble! However static next hearts come the delicate place that hard to avoid can think of madam diplomacy is artistic. This kind of woman although save trouble, however not save worry, issue principal to return be kept inside a drum-be kept in the dark fortunately. Be inferior to seeking a woman that can make money. This days woman makes money did not say really, play play like, one breaks laugh at blast like in a few people that you do not consider to see all round close-fitting circuit of the collect that be like the ground, fit bill in the bag greatly, make you admire extremely. Had money what thing is bad to do? Can think carefully, can't help weighing in the hand those who have the love of this woman to contain Troy to come again, also do not have interest presumably.
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