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80 hind marry to be not begged " burn money " beg individual character
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Pat marriage gauze to illuminate apply for a job room buy oneself " spare parts " net of bride of avant-courier of assemble getting give up buys marriage gauze

New personality climbs the Great Wall to do individual character wedding

Marriage gauze is illuminated is illuminated in photography atelier, plunging drop is " assemble " come out, marriage gauze is clean out from the net... will greet to marry again September height, with consumption marries before this wantonly " burn money " go after costly ostentation and extravagance to differ, a kind of new marriage consumes means to be in sadly " 80 hind " the popularity in new personality, they are not begged best the most expensive, but beg individual character dye-in-the-wood.

   Marriage gauze is illuminated put an end to " automation line films "

Every pat marriage gauze is illuminated surely to new personality, but the automation line in shadow building of type film flow, make the picture that takes machine-made, this already enough lets " 80 hind " say to it " No " . Do not know from when to rise, a kind of simple, fashionable photography atelier changed the structure of the world of dominate exclusively of building of marriage gauze shadow. Zhang Yi tells the girl that will marry October this year the reporter, she carries the investigation of each respect, chose atelier of a photography finally, they take a picture one day to a pair of new personality, and without premium. "The most important is, the cameraman here and makeup girl are mature the client's requirement, can take the picture that provides individual character more. We discuss with cameraman, patted a group we are in campus the acquaintance, setting that be in love, after the photograph comes out, the family member likes particularly. The family member likes particularly..

   Buy get Buddhist monastic discipline to resemble eating a buffet

A finished product that controls 30 minutes is bought to get Buddhist monastic discipline to want to get on 10 thousand yuan at least in the shop, and diamond and give up are held in the palm enchase together, cannot match freely combination, this shoulds not really " 80 hind " taste. The plan says in the bud bud of next year marriage: "Last I plunge drop in bazaar settle on, but do not like Buddhist monastic discipline to hold in the palm, but under be forced to abandon. I find a diamond to experience inn later, can resemble eating here ' buffet ' what same choose and buy admires in the heart is naked get and Buddhist monastic discipline is held in the palm, combine a complete ring again next, the price is a lot of cheaper also. The price is a lot of cheaper also..

As we have learned, traditional diamond sale is with the door inn displays finished product sale to give priority to, the businessman must bear the shop hires running expenses and stock turnover and the pressure of management promotion, and this kind of burgeoning diamond sale depends on network conduct propaganda above all, the sale field of hire is high-level office building mostly, cost is relatively low, the price that gets ring so is cheaper also. The reporter was compared, the diamond ring of similar standards quality, through this kind of self-help consumptive pattern is bought, can get drop petty gain than groovy finished product at most 4 into the left and right sides. Additional, these experience inn can provide the relevant letter of diamond commonly, accept a client to undertake detecting to professional orgnaization.
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