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Marriage celebrate consumption to did not allow difference of chart prop price b
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Accompanying marry the arrival of the height, to each family that is about to hold wedding, with marriage celebrating company contact with is a head, and understand marriage the prices that celebrates consumption, do not resemble buying dish to buy the clothes euqally simple.

Reader Di Hongjuan complains: My daughter holds wedding at was in lilac garden on May 3, 2008, please " special wedding " marriage celebrate a company to hold do. We did not want marriage celebrate car and compere, charge is 23000 yuan. Marriage celebrated a company to book an ice carve for us in the plan, the price is 3800 yuan. Bridal eve, "Special wedding " the staff member says, there is the chocolate fountain of the entrance now, let us change, the price and glacial carve are same.

Bridal that day, we see, chocolate fountain scope is very little, have 4 only, charge for the making of sth. is very coarse also. I will attend the wedding of friend child June, there also is fountain of a chocolate on wedding, be 5, I questioned the value designedly, be informed spent 500 yuan. I visited a few marriage to celebrate a company again later, the price that is informed chocolate fountain is average 5 control in 400 yuan. I begin at the beginning of August " special wedding " call, they say to answer gives after talking things over all the time, but do not have answer up to now.

Very bridal: Marriage those who celebrate a company is tall always express, use chocolate fountain, that wedding of home of a surname lady belongs to have a taste of what is just in season absolutely, a lot of marriage celebrate a company to do not have this new stage property at that time, cost is so relative tower above is not little. In marriage celebrate an industry, when just beginning to introduce a new stage property, the value is relative very tall, as fresh degree reduce, the price also as drop, this already made the appearance of an established by usage. The both sides when signing service contract at the outset does not have demur, feel improper again now primary without reason.

Reporter investigation: Be aimed at a surname lady complain, the reporter enquired a few marriage celebrate a company to be informed, chocolate fountain from 2008 the beginning of the year begins to use, the price is controlled in 1000 yuan at that time. This prop price begins to reduce now, at present 5 fountain go to 800 yuan in 400 yuan mostly between. The reporter enquired with a surname lady this marriage that signs a contract celebrates a company again subsequently, the price that is informed fountain of this company chocolate also fell 1200 yuan.

Marriage the difference with the price so big presence that celebrates prop, the member that Tianjin city marriage celebrates association to arbitrate Ms. Lv expresses, city marriage celebrated association to make marriage celebrate price-list of service project reference, for instance the assembly room that day decorates wedding, marriage celebrate motorcade, wedding to chair support of the people to follow makeup division the project has these traditional wedding to collect fees accordingly limits, association is celebrated to register a few marriage that are a member to celebrate a company to be met commonly in Tianjin city marriage consult price-list is in order to serve an item fiducial collect fees, but marriage celebrate consumption to update faster, a few new projects that appear on wedding at present, wait to still do not have referenced rate like chocolate fountain cake.
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