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Marriage celebrate industrial catenary a month can pull gold nearly 500 million
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Market observation 
Olympic Games month, jiangchen even more 6000 pairs of new personality gather together marry

Report from our correspondent (reporter all places) August is Olympic Games month, a lot of Jiangchen new personality arrange wedding in this month in succession. Yesterday, the reporter celebrates guild know from Wuhan city marriage, wuhan has 6000 pairs at least in the new personality of this lunar marriage, but with 51, 11 rival.  
So much of a month person marriage, can you give marriage celebrate industrial catenary how to many profit bring? Concerned personage calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, every celebrate consumption to calculate by 7000 yuan to new personality marriage, market sale can be achieved 42 million, and calculate whole industry catenary come in, marriage celebrate the market due nearly 500 million big cake.
New personality will gather together in August marry
In the severe gentleman that Wu Chang works, drive several wedding repeatedly last weekend, hurry to Chinese mouth midday, flounder arrives afternoon Wu Chang. And there is a pile of invitation card on Mr Wang desk, he is laughing to say, this month includes red package is a large sum of expenditure.  
The reporter sees in a few hotels, although weather is torrid, but many new personality still are driven in this moment to hold wedding. "Will marry in August happy event of the Olympic Games that touch a point is angry! " Mr Sun says, the son gets married this year, early begins to prepare, can not order the marriage banquet August 8, be forced remit to on August 9. And Mr Zheng that married with respect to the plan last year, because do not have,also order the feast August 8, will marry during the Olympic Games on August 23 with respect to the choice.  
"Jiangchen will enter the marriage in a year to celebrate highest peak in August! " yesterday, wuhan city marriage celebrates association chairman Zhang Zhimin to explain, this year is an Olympic Games year, a lot of new personality think the marriage that lets his has commemorative sense more, marry because of will be being become this on August 8 height dot, but because hotel, marriage celebrates a company to wait busy come nevertheless, a lot of people did not catch up with the Olympic Games wedding August 8, want to build again on Olympic Games express, so whole will appear in August gather together conjugal phenomenon.
   Marriage of market demand flourishing celebrates charge to rise 

The reporter still sees in shop of a few flowers, the flower of the bridal need such as rose, lily is spruce annul, a lot of flower shop the staff member rose at 6 o'clock everyday dress up marriage car.  
"The marriage that August is a tradition celebrates in former years off-season, this year August almost busy every weekend come nevertheless. " Dong Bin of general manager of center of plan of wedding of village of Wuhan happy event says, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, the bridal showing number that holds by this year August grows 30%-40% .  
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