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New personality takes the advantage of the golden week to written guarantee the
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90 months of dry,crisp air of autumn all through the ages are the times marriage that accepts people favour celebrates wedding day. 11 golden weeks are about, many new personality already ready-made and beloved person enter marital hall hand in hand, marriage celebrate the market to present busy picture.

The reporter visited a few marriage to celebrate things shop, the person that knot wedding picks to take in every inn is in an endless stream, raise likelihood, try the dress, accurate new people is busy extremely.

Miss Liu: Preparation 11 marry.

According to counterjumper introduction, national Day will come, the person that will in inn carry a choose and buy to buy formal attire is compared a lot of more at ordinary times, in these clients, it is to be about to be in more very 11 during those who marry is accurate new personality

Counterjumper: This phase is conjugal gold period.

In the process that cover, the reporter understands, a few new personality plan originally this year 11 marry, but postponed wedding day as a result of a few reasons. The scene young lady that trying the dress is a among them, the fiance of scene young lady works in the fire control that bird's nest is in charge of during the Olympic Games, because the job is busy, must will originally the wedding day remit to of October November.

With marriage the lively photograph that celebrates things inn is compared, a few be engaged in marriage the company that celebrates concoctive service is order likewise ceaseless, during 11 golden weeks, company everyday what the job arranges is full. What differ with in former years is, come ahead of schedule as a result of 11 long holidays this year, so October of a lot of plans 6, 7 marrier people reached wedding day ahead of schedule by September.

Xie Jin: In former years 11 marrier are very much, this year because 6 7 went to work, move holiday to 29 September, 30, so the wedding of one part new personality arrives from 6 of October 7 date move 29, 30. But go up from bridal gross, what doesn't the bridal amount of our company have to affect.

New people is driven in 11 marry, because 11 golden weeks are a longer holiday,be, 2 because close friends has a holiday,be, everybody gathers lively. Still a few new personality express, this year is an Olympic Games year, wedding day and Olympic Games of the same age, appear more festival and auspicious. But, also some new personality do not wish to drive this lively, arrange wedding in next year.

Mr Xu: Do not like to gather together marry.

Wedding is life itinerary in buy is main one station, no matter be 11 marry, when choosing auspicious additionally still, it is new people those who pull open happy life is prelusive. Hold your hand, grow old with you, wish these new people old age arrive old, make the same score An Xingfu all one's life.

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