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Doubt of amour of underground of big S He Rundong is like exposure
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Hear is big now S and exposure of amour of He Rundong underground, the author thinks this message reckons most is rumor of all corners of the country, either the rumor also is the stunt that two people make for new theatrical work, before new theatrical work is shown, this wants eyeball of good good scrape up also is excusable -- who lets be encircled in recreation personally, alleged body is in cannot help doing sth of all corners of the country.

This is big what is S looks in the author very female, putting the man with son so good son not to want, have to exposes to the sun again new amour, tell the truth, I feel all red in big S are heard in, it is with the amour of son son the truest. Big nevertheless S is doughty be in by force also this, with every the red of male star is heard is not which to be passed topic of the town, do so that will be about tomorrow in pairs enters church same, just began and La Zhenglong, it is a young then, now is He Rundong of handsome young man. Alas, this must let do Taiwan young woman student to sigh oneself as, who can have the ability such as this. And mix now after amour exposure of He Rundong, a series of reaction that cause are more disastrous, estimation wants throw whole Taiwan recreation to encircle cannot.

And letting the author analyse next this love of big S to go all the way one by one for you is how make a person open-eyed.

Above all, below the first pomegranate skirt that is defeated is La Zhenglong. This is small growing really is to resemble Jin Chengwu, it is Jin Chengwu it seems that the 2nd, at the outset because he grows so that resemble Jin Chengwu,big S likes him also is, when down to parts company finally, no matter how is big S entreated, this paragraph of amour still ends with failing, who lets big S is a female strong person, and La Zhenglong just is an old man, of this confront the tough with toughness finally can be one caboodle clastic rock only, the scintilla that brushs a love is quite big, burn however before long, say so, red of this the first handsome young man that big S looks for hears male friend to be look for a fault. Do a young woman what to have bad ah.

This the 2nd it is our lovely son son child of course, still do not laugh, call him the child the most appropriate did not pass, the appearance of a pair of bashful, plus frowsty coquettish model disposition, this is a child that has not been brought up absolutely, pardonable meeting is swung by big S -- the male friend that which allow this female strong person to issue which is flimsier than oneself. Nevertheless the word says again, the sincerity of this son son still is worth affirmation, and big S also felt. When beginning at the outset, meaning of concubine of situation of two people man, your Nong Wonong. Big S is returned even for beau slam the door to maintaining the horror of the hair hold read aloud, it is very hot it is to catch, the expression such as this is and son son expresses him love. Still part on bad terms this finally regrettablly only, if say who is a culprit, the disposition that is son son so. Everybody does not like depressed nature, letting a person feel is day of overcast and rainy everyday, this sunshine may rain.
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