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Know newly: The men and women searchs a spouse to love most " parental face " (g
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The man carries wife to grow so that resemble Mom, the woman carries husband to grow like pa

According to newest science studies the result shows, man apt chooses to grow with the mother most the person that resemble serves as a spouse, feminine criterion most resembles father's person admiring to grow.

Study the result points out, when single men and women is seeking lifelong partner, often by the face model grow most like oneself the object of opposite sex parents is attracted; And this kind of character that chooses a partner, take root the motivation at evolution.

According to " central company " report, the research group that by university of Hungarian shellfish agree Bairuisike heads, build model of scale of ministry of a face, include area of 14 faces ministry among them, the distance between the width that is like chin, mouth and brow.

They use this model to measure come from 52 different families, 312 Hungarian adults. Every family includes a pair of spouses and bilateral father and mother. Researcher discovers the woman's spouse and her father, spend in facial ministry likeness on have apparent associated sex; Same, male spouse also looks with his mother very picture.

Study a group from inside the masses random and draw-out person selected, undertake facial ministry model checks, ask a few people to hold the position of evaluation, also have same test, from the same photograph that chooses randomly, find out pair of spouses. The result discovers an absorbing phenomenon, man and woman are when choice marriage object, the facial department central issue that pays close attention to the other side is very different.

The man's spouse is mixed mostly the mother is same, the width of the ply that is a lip no matter, mouth, width of chin and length are about the same. When choosing a partner as to the woman, the facial ministry feature that cares about quite is from mouth two the length to the distance between brow, face, distances between are mixed the size of nose.

Bairuisike thinks, the standard of this kind of choice gets psychological or socialization extent impact is less, be compared by the influence of gradual progress pressure big.

This research is released in England as a result " edition of science of biology of royal academy report " in periodical.