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Pan Yueming admits to marry acquiescent Dong Jie is pregnant
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Tian An Men of area of scene of center of recreation of bright Qing Dynasty reachs Hengdian midday door this, wore everywhere yesterday full tent of green of for military use, many wearing get on groups what century metaphase emancipatory military uniform installs is small to carrying shovel Jue head to cross back and forth, the strangest is, door of the Tian An Men that just builds nice gift to do not have two years, midday tumbles down one piece however at the moment picture, the red lacquer on the wall already together piece flake, miscellaneous already also brushwood is unripe between housetop yellow glazed tile... this is the film " Tian An Men " medium Tian An Men! This by in the film produces, " gules " direct Xie Daying

 Direct Xie Daying

Take thematic will pat when the New Year film

Why " Tian An Men " is medium Tian An Men so dilapidated? Director Xie Daying has right to speak most.

In the spot, although the Xie Dao of photograph of a pair of grow stout is heated up completely forehead sweat, mention " Tian An Men " come, still be excitement has add: "The boy that what I should tell is beautiful group of before founding a state 1949 a few dance arranges the story of a tower over a city gate of Tian An Men for founding ceremony, actually our do old project to still be done not have finishing, the Tian An Men that awaits in those days actually is even more dilapidated than this, a meter tall Hao grass is everywhere, wild bunny of what everywhere wallop, light is the crow stayed in more than 10000! Light is the crow stayed in more than 10000!!

" Tian An Men " as thematic film, pat to found a state 60 years technically still, can you flow at the form? Listen to this, xie Daying is urgent: "Actually I did not think other, want to take an especially good-looking gramophone record, the shadow in why searching invests? Because,be with this renown head, I can take large investment, to found a state 60 years, also be patted when one New Year film! Had you seen somebody is patted fight on roof of Tian An Men? I have this! Actually, do not carry thematic feel bad to look, olympic Games opening ceremony is much more arrogant, the whole world knew! The whole world knew!!

   Main actor Pan Yueming

Admit to marry acquiescentDirect clean

Stem from self-confidence just about, xie Daying did not look for a giant star this, at the beginning of heroine Zhang Jing, male one is acting pretty good but do not have all the time however bright red big violet Pan Yueming. The spot, "Dance beautiful header " Pan Yueming wore a mandarin jacket, besmear blackly all over, that piece of little face, a bit does not look to give him already 34 years old.

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