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New personality of 16 pairs of peaceful wave goes Italian marriage
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Yesterday, gentleman of Ning Bo plum is excited unceasingly, because the fiancee of oneself and green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse wants to hold wedding,be not just, and, this their wedding wants and additionally 15 pairs of new personality are held in Italy together. Their destination is " Juliet birthplace " city of Italian dimension Luo Na, this also is a of favorite love Cultural Festival significant activity.

As we have learned, favorite love Cultural Festival will be in city of accept of Italian dimension collect to hold on September 24, this is " the brigade of Liangzhu love culture " the travel propaganda that holds high standards in abroad first. Before this, "Bridge Zhu Huadie " white marble sculpture already found a place for in square of Juliet of city of dimension collect accept, grand opening will be held on September 24 ceremony, permanent settle is in city of dimension collect accept.

On October 1, 2005, ning Bo and dimension collect accept conclude formally for city of friendly communication concern, at the same time 10 pairs of new personality of city of dimension collect accept come to city of Ning Bo Yin, played part of Liangzhu love of the 3rd China together with Chinese new personality, transform a park in Liang Zhuwen in in all card butterfly alliance, realized world thing square of ground of two big classical love story first " allied " . This, ning Bo will take beauty " Oriental love emissary " -- " Liang Zhudie is loved " statuary, taking feelings of romance of new personality of 16 pairs of peaceful wave, come world-famous " the city of love " Weiluona, hold Liang Zhudiao of favorite love Cultural Festival to begin like completion the activity such as ceremony, collective wedding, romantic brigade.