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National Day of 8000 pairs of new personality marries change the date of wedding
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The reporter celebrated branch of compere club Nanjing to understand from Chinese marriage yesterday, coming National Day golden week, the our city holds bridal new personality to have 8000 pairs about. Additional, since because this year is 1999,executing National Day to grow a holiday, did not grow National Day false set to will come 7 days on October 1 first, begin from September 29 however, end to October 5, this lets plan to be in originally partly " 11 " during the new personality change the date that does wedding.
Chinese marriage celebrates sea of boat of chairman of branch of compere club Nanjing to tell a reporter, this year " 51 " after cancelling 7 days to grow a holiday, a lot of new personality change wedding day in the National Day, according to them not complete count, whole town has 8000 pairs of new personality to do wedding about, more than 6000 pairs of last year many. But as different as in former years this year is, on October 6 this day, the traditional Chinese calendar will be September first 8, it is a wedding day, the newlywed person that engages this one day to do marriage banquet originally is very much, but as a result of " 11 " long holiday shifts to an earlier date, 6 days of as it happens are section hind goes to work the first day, partial new personality can change the date holds wedding.
The reporter understands in interview, book originally in 7 days of 6 day, newlywed person that do wedding, many change the date. They besides wanting to greet sb to close friends, still must face marriage celebrate company and hotel raise price. Some hotel clerk tells a reporter, the newlywed person that engages marriage banquet signed a contract with the hotel, was last year mostly or book at the beginning of this year, now again change the date, the price follows for certain different before.