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Scientist discovery has inside partial man body " divorce gene " (graph)
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Is the head had in your man body " divorce gene " ?

People goes often the divorce rate of modern society is climbed ceaselessly because the development of economy and science and technology makes the social circle of people becomes more capacious,consider as high, chase scumble desert to the idea of family and marriage thereby. But the scientist discovers through research recently, there is one to plant inside male body " divorce gene " , bring about a man to increase disloyal to the wife liability, increase the risk that connubial marriage goes greatly thereby.

Consider to make clear, "Divorce gene " be discovered inside partial man body only. And the man that this kind of gene contains inside body, the rate of marital occurrence crisis compares other man tower above double, if they had married or handed in a girlfriend, but their satisfactory rate to wife or girlfriend will be inferior. If they are lone, probable meeting chooses not to marry.

The expert points out, the cerebral ministry of everybody has a kind of very active gene, what concern with spouse hold together or seek sexual respect is the social behavior that can decide a person, contented. Nevertheless, nevertheless the gene inside man body appears mutation, brought about cerebrum to accept wrong message.

The group of the professor Woerlin that Swedish Stockholm blocks college of medicine of Si Ka of collect beautiful jade and his leader is visited with questionnaire means one batch had married or took the man that drags 5 years with the girlfriend, understand them how to concern with hold together of other in part. They discover, the man of the sort of varietal gene is contained inside body, gets grading is more disappointing, and their marriage or the relationship with the girlfriend appear more easily problem.