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Hand over in Zhang Hai jail marry application
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Huang Lu is confident to the future of two people. He Jian is photographed

The course ponders over the Zhang Hai in jail cautiously, final decision and yellow aigret marry. Long Cheng closes photograph

Times dispatch yesterday afternoon, the cummer Huang Lu of Zhang Hai of president of group of Yuan Jianli treasure discloses to times reporter, after the application that undertakes with Zhang Hai at be being handed over formally on March 13, 2007 in her herself marriage is registered, already still was decided to marry with her in the Zhang Hai inside Fosan detention house by detain, submitted written application to the detention house recently.

Nevertheless, the message that comes from Fosan detention house shows, lead nearly a few days as a result of a few detention houses that include a director inside all outer study, what because the marriage of this piece of sea applies for,did not get a detention house is final affirm.

   Cummer yellow aigret: Zhang Hai agreed to marry

"I am OK and affirmative, zhang Hai has handed over finish marriage to apply for, just the leader of the detention house as it happens is away on official business recently, still have not enough time application of examine and verify. Without giving thought to how, I believe I and Zhang Hai can go certainly from beginning to end, and the blessing that can get everybody certainly. " although future of sweetheart Zhang Hai was not predicted, dan Huanglu to two people pull a hand finally still with confidence.

On Feburary 15, president of group of Yuan Jianli treasure, Shenzhen is restful club manager Zhang Hai, because be suspected of the accusation such as functionary embezzlement and illegal divert capital, by Fosan quadrangle first instance sentence put in prison 15 years. Subsequently, zhang Hai entrusts acting lawyer Xu Yu to send Xiang Andong to save tall courtyard to put forward to appeal (yesterday afternoon, xu Yu sends a lawyer to express, after will hand over appeal to apply for on Feburary 18, at present Guangdong saves tall courtyard have not) of official put on record.

After first instance, namely on March 13, decision of cummer yellow aigret and he is registered marry, entrust a lawyer to turn enjoin Zhang Hai marries in the compose in jail requisition, the hope applies for to arrange oneself and Zhang Hai to be dealt with to civil administration bureau through concerning a process as soon as possible marry the formalities that register.

   The lawyer confirms: Zhang Hai submits application really

Ever had media coverage, "Express according to hair of jade of acting lawyer Xu, in hear Huang Lu puts forward to marry after application, touch very in him Zhang Hai in the detention house personally. " nevertheless, xu jade hair expresses however when accepting times reporter phone to interview, in the light of " Zhang Hai applies for to show to Huang Lu's marriage touch " say, he himself also learns from media, "The scene that day is such, to Zhang Hai in me report yellow aigret is handed over marry after applying for be related, zhang Hai just laughed calmingly, immediately restores calm, and was not made with respect to this matter any the front replies. And was not made with respect to this matter any the front replies..
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