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Pass Wang Fei Li Yapeng of burst of marital drawing near is exposed to the sun t
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Wang Fei exits Le Tan for domestic marriage in those days, confront marital crisis however now. (Data picture)

Teleplay of nursery Li Yapeng " us the marriage of two "

Wang Fei just experiences abortive pain, who expects one did not make the same score to rise again, 3 years of marriage of she and Li Yapeng are passed in this quarter Jing unripe change! Media and website were announced in succession a few days ago, show because discover fetal occurrence problem is inextricability,they are in before abortion, bilateral big din parts company; After abortion, pass Wang Fei not to wish again puerpera of redo advanced age; More the message shows because nursery of mainland female star intervenes,marital bright red light is continuously.

Abortive incident of Wang Fei draws outside height to pay close attention to, did not think of to also lift the marital status of she and Li Yapeng consequently, the website had report to explode yesterday a few days ago makings, husband and wife two be informed fetal development occurrence problem at the outset, many doctor inspection sought in Beijing, cannot redeem fetal health however, they ever experienced jaw of 脣 of daughter Li Yan to crack, encounter a sad news of the death again nowadays, make a noise greatly consequently, divide a room to sleep even be troubled by part company. Later king humble unwilling to give up, seek a cure make a diagnosis and give treatment to Hong Kong again, li Yapeng did not travel together unexpectedly at that time, of marital crisis saying is cause a temporary clamor more.

Still the message explodes a marriage because Li Yapeng is built,changing is on a third party, cooperated last year to seeming him teleplay " we the marriage of two " female star nursery, the ambiguous hearsay of two people is not the 1st times, be in early this drama just will kill blueness last year in May, ever was mixed in Beijing by report Li Yapeng nursery hand pulls a hand to have a meal to dining-room appointment, 2 people say josh laughs at copolymerization 2 hours, pull a car to leave again together.

Unexpectedly, this incident becomes silent more than 1 year, beg in Wang Fei and Li Yapeng child unsuccessful vital link, of he and nursery close 係 to rise to surface again, have medium fabulous even " phenanthrene roc " already the agreement divorces, add expose to the sun the day before yesterday piece " Li Yapeng language goes breathtaking: Very difficult guarantee against is off the rails " , although after the event of his agent horse Jia denies him,Ceng Na Mo says, but a variety of evidence make a person suspect really.

To the hearsay that nursery intervenes, yesterday of agent horse Jia says: "I hear that thing is a person writes Bo Wen only, origin says those who tell him to the vermicelli made from bean starch that is Wang Fei calls. I feel very dull, make up a story very do not have originality. I do not think the private affairs of actor responded to. " Chen Jiaying of king humble agent replies quite impatiently yesterday: "The thing that does not ask me Wang Fei again, I do not consider a response. I do not consider a response..
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