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Oxford female doctoral student is abandoned learn to become naked model (graph)
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Oxford doctoral student of 24 years old overcomes Lyell - planning to make money is the first place on Irish history do clinking outfit to perform " young woman of inside back cover " .

Claire Tuli of 24 years old is the first place on Irish history those who make clinking outfit show " young woman of inside back cover " , and the doctoral student that she once was Oxford biochemistry major, because this is known as " on the world most the young woman of inside back cover of wisdom " . Overcoming Lyell to express to choose one of this occupational original intention at the outset is to publicize breast cancer of prevention and cure, when but become her to perform the part income contribute,sending cancer foundation, however by " excuse oneself from " .

   Record of formal schooling is highest player

Occupy British media 21 days to report, claire is graduated from famous Irish university emperor 31 institutes biochemistry and immunology major, had obtained degree of one class honor. A year many before, be admitted to be biochemical major doctoral student by the Oxford of British tip, pursue the research of HIV virus technically. But the doctoral student was become only a few months, claire is in economically have too many problems to deal with, the scholarship that the school offers pays his experimental fee quite only, the expense of not quite daily life.

Accidental opportunity, claire sees a fashionable magazine runs the ad of contest of model of a clinking outfit, can't help becoming really interested.

In fact, besides clever and zenithal brains, claire still has figure of the angel face of eye of fair green jade and devil. Behead of one road pass a test will, show itself in the person that Claire serves as the player with top record of formal schooling to sign up from on 10 thousand, killed finals. This year in March, a newspaper office looks for her autograph actively to make an appointment with, the Er that overcome Lai becomes Ireland accordingly history the first " young woman of inside back cover " . For this, she nots hesitate the doctoral school work that suspended Oxford.

   return lab

Besides earn money quickly besides, overcoming Lyell to choose this profession also is publicize breast cancer knowledge to common people, and be cancer foundation raise the wind. Claire says: "My grandmother dies at breast cancer, and 3 years ago my mother also accepted mastectomy operation because of this disease. And 3 years ago my mother also accepted mastectomy operation because of this disease..

What make Claire awkward however is, contribute the income of 5000 pound Ireland when her when 3 cancer research organization, suffer latter " excuse oneself from " . The reason that they give out is to fear those breast cancer patients get " affront " .

Although model industry is " green meal " , but overcome Lai Er,worry not at all however to coming. She represents some day, meeting return lab.
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