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The woman makes up everyday can cause cancer (group plan)
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Feminine love beauty is a nature, use skin of clean of the grandma that wash a face first, wipe again on protect Shi Shuang, catch besmear cosmetic, still do not forget bit of able to read aloud fluently is red finally. To a lot of Europe females, this already made the routine business before going out. But Richard Bensi warns British biochemist say, through a few such measure, the female decorates the appearance that gives beauty like that, the chemical matter that because this will be average,also arranges 2.3 kilograms every year however is inspiratory inside body.

Loving the United States is feminine nature

  Assimilate chemical substance

England " daily Post " report 19 days, this this the chemical composition in ever using 3 years of time to reach daily and clean things to of all kinds cosmetic develops research, established a technical research and the website that sell organic cosmetic last year.

This this say, because use cosmetic, european woman is annual and average assimilate about 2.3 kilograms of chemical substance. " cosmetic " the magazine also announced to study conclusion similarly to it recently, this magazine thinks, the chemical substance that European female assimilates every year from inside cosmetic amounts to 1.98 kilograms on average.

Make up to absorb chemistry easily material

This this say, when the female uses cosmetic, skin of chemical material classics enters system inside, be absorbed by human body, under photograph comparing, these chemical material are opposite direct edible the harm that human body causes may be less. "If lipstick enters oral cavity in, among them chemical composition can be mixed by saliva in gastric juice enzymatic decompose. But if wipe,go up in the mouth, chemical material can enter blood directly. " he says.

This this still point out, the occurrence likelihood of certain cancer and people use some kind of cosmetic to concern in great quantities. In the meantime, a few cosmetic cause stimulation possibly still to the skin, quicken ageing even.

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