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Uncover secret the Chen Huilin after 100 change of weather the modelling before
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Be certain bridal Chen Huilin

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Big marriage of Bhutan of the bridge July, Liu is occupied sufficient each layout of big the press, it is together " Queen of heaven " , the wedding October 2 makes the Chen Huilin that follows long-distance race of male friendly love 16 years likewise the person raises his head and look in order to long for. In the distance big marriage does not arrive in the day of a month, chen Huilin this " the most assiduous accurate bride " still without a stop " dig gold " ,

Marriage did not written guarantee have ten million unexpectedly yuan into Zhang: Attend commonweal or beneficent activity a little while, attend fashionable dress show a little while, it is Dai Yan a little while it is to take ad. It is reported, light will be September this one month, her announce reachs the platoon lunar base, about 4 days of ability begin to put marriage holiday. Nevertheless, although so busy that turn all round, the Chen Huilin that attends all sorts of circumstances appears mental vigorous, one pair needs the look that marries a woman to be no good happily. It is to profiteer at the same time really, reap happiness at the same time, the with accurate bride amorous feelings after 100 change of weather fluctuates between twinking, let person deep feeling: The woman that should become a bride is the most beautiful!

Cruel Model

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Cruel Model

Occurrence time: On September 5

Occurrence place: Hong Kong

Occurrence circumstance: Some brand fashionable dress of 08 autumn winters is beautiful

Comment on: Inclined arm of a black shows the Chen Huilin on fashionable dress show humeral jacket, tight skin pants is dressed up, very sexy and enchanting. It is reported, in this activity, chen Huilin holds the position of a honored guest freely, sponsor what just donated 300 thousand HK dollar to found to oneself please " children aids Chen Huilin learn fund " , aid so far learn fund to had been built in Sichuan had 4 hopes elementary school, nevertheless she hopes to 8 hopes elementary school is built again inside the shortest time after marriage. [1] [2] [3]