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Place of Chen Huilin big marriage is diligent decorate exposure of 10 thousand y
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The exterior of hotel of intercontinental of ground Hong Kong of Chen Huilin big marriage

Plush flatlet interior

Elegant chatting environment

Chen Huilin of sina recreation message since since marriage dispatch announcing on the concert, every act is deeply concerned by media rigor, song confusing is very curious also, chen Huilin and the fiance Liu that are in love 16 years build grand (the wedding of Alex) will be why to be planted dimensions. Recently, the message says, chen Huilin and Liu Jianhao will be in Hong Kong on October 2 hotel of intercontinental of pointed sanded chew places banquet greatly, marriage gauze is divided outside be being sponsorred by formal attire company, additionally one is designed by Xi Zhongwen.

   Place: Hong Kong is the most luxurious hotel of intercontinental of 5 stars class

As we have learned, the intercontinental hotel that Chen Huilin chooses with place of Liu Jianhao marriage is one of hotels of Hong Kong's most luxurious 5 stars class, be located in sanded chew of Hong Kong needle, border Victoria harbor, and famous starlight highway is below the hotel. Guo Ke is filled with He Linwen dragon, li Keqin and Lu Shuyi, and the star such as Li Ruien, Du Wen lustre ever held wedding in this hotel. The hotel still supplies the bridal room of special arrangement, additionally still cure of two-men rose bath and oil of essence of life massage a service. The hotel still serves a formula with hot spring wedding, have luxurious hot spring for bride and a matron of honour thenar massage etc nurse service.

   Marriage gauze: Brief vogue gets deflection adorn had jumped over lesser

Female star marries, will wearing which marriage gauze to complete life major issue is focal place all along. It is reported, marriage gauze formal attire of Chen Huilin helps by Celia of its figure stylist completely collect, among them two marriage gauze is sponsorred by BridalRoom of formal attire company, additionally one is designed by Xi Zhongwen. The formal attire deflection that Chen Huilin big marriage chooses that day is contracted and fashionable, do not take costly course, getting the option that act the role of also is less better, ask Chen Fu designs bracelet of a diamond for her only, build a bride's free from vulgarity aesthetic feeling. Because space is limited, wedding invites Ceng Zhiwei only that day an actor holds the position of emcee, the others all is Chen Liu two relatives good friend.

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