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Yunnan turns the stay away from home of ethical marriage affection newly
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Report from our correspondent " bundle river ancient town -- , the brigade of affection of Yunnan nation marriage " special subject project is started formally, this second travel activity that gives priority to a problem with the marriage common celebration with Yunnan nation much colorful posture will with the Kunming, Dali, Li Jiang, destination that double edition accept is in advance development on the west, around white, Dai, accept on the west, the marriage common amorous feelings of the Yi nationality, let newly-married young person, the married couple that gold, silver wedding commemorates people the bizarre marriage affection of culture of leaf of shellfish of experience Dai nationality and Hinayana, the Bai nationality this advocate the bridal amorous feelings such as adored beautiful marriage common and the Naxi nationality, the Yi nationality.
Main journey has 9 days, receive from flower of airport of the first day of Kunming machine, after new personality quantity cuts the garment into parts personally, with respect to non-stop flight to on the west double edition accept, new personality holds Dai wedding in Home Dai village, be out of office accepts elephant, peacock like Gu Kongzhong corridor to the married couple people blessing, be in by plane next Dali, in bank of sea of Cang Shan Er a solemn pledge of love, li Jiang is gone to by the car after civilian house holds wedding of the Bai nationality, in altitude peak of 5000 meters fan of jade dragon snow mountain issues new people to hold card marriage ceremony, return Kunming by plane, wedding of the Yi nationality is held when visitting stone forest. Invite a married couple adequately people enjoy, the surprise that experiences different amorous feelings is deduced and happiness are experienced, match at the same time with marriage affection marriage certificate of classics of leaf of article of autograph book, smooth dish, Dongba, shellfish a series of having the autograph book of affection of rich people marriage, make aftertaste of spouse of each pairs of new personality and gold, silver wedding boundless. This activity enlarges the outside to be opposite especially to Yunnan already the understanding of each minority amorous feelings, come true 5 years for Yunnan tourism again times added a plan to create a new approach.
It is reported, the tourist can is opposite according to his the preference of minority marriage common is distinct, choose the wedding of different form, execute pair of tourist human nature to change a service. This activity will on September 19, be in Kunming 27 days first, on the west double edition accept, Li Jiang, Dali, stone forest is held, will come every year on August 19 later second year every months each will be held on May 19. Activity of first time travel is sponsorred jointly by Kang Hui of force of Yunnan tobacco nation, Kunming and group of Kunming vessel trade. (Liu Li)
Relevant link: Bundle river ancient town is located in Li Jiang 4 kilometers are in Gu Cheng northwest, it is accept Xi Xianmin in Li Jiang dam child in one of ground of the earliest inhabit a region, save up to now more complete, it is tea Ma Gu saves whole important market town on the road, also be accept Xi Xianmin from Nong Gengwen bright the living specimen that transfers to commercial culture, was labelled by U.N. Educational 1997 " world culture bequest " the main component of Li Jiang Gu Cheng.
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