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11 greet marriage celebrate height Qingdao 1000 pairs of 3 new personality marri
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The reporter celebrates formal guild know from Qingdao city marriage today, this year 11 during the marriage of insular city celebrates the market more hotter than in former years. According to the situation that the reporter covers, marriage the highest peak that celebrates company and hotel to also will greet annual portfolio. "According to our statistic, whole town has 3000 pairs of new personality to hold wedding about during 11 golden weeks. " today, qingdao city marriage celebrates formal guild a surname to love handsome chairman to tell a reporter, this one word is more than last year many.

Long holiday adds wedding to gather together, although be festival thing, but in bridal and complex process also hard to avoid also can meet a trouble. Qingdao city marriage celebrates Di Aijun of formal guild chairman to remind newlywed person, qingdao city marriage celebrates formal guild to already will hold water April this year, had begun to accept a citizen to complain recently, and was solved already successfully one case pat marriage gauze to take the issue that pose. "If filming marriage gauze is illuminated, in running the course such as wedding with building of marriage gauze shadow, marriage Qing Liyi company produces issue, can complain to us directly " , a surname chairman reminds, the phone of guild of marriage Qing Liyi is 81688811.