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Olympic Games day marries accurate new personality of city of the Yinchuan that
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Distance Olympic Games kicks off to still have the time of 1 many months, yinchuan already had a lot of to allow new personality to consider will be being registered that day on August 8 marry, so can this special day get a marriage certificate smoothly? Whether to need to make an appointment ahead of schedule register... the problem of such lets new people pay close attention to all the more, the reporter interviewed relevant section at this point.

On August 8, 2008, built up already the auspicious number in many Chinese memory " 8 " , it is the wedding day that Beijing Olympic Games kicks off, the marriage of whole nation of it is reported registers mechanism to predict one day this to be sure to greet the climax that register. The reporter sees in forum of Ningxia net bug, very much accurate new personality is opposite Yinchuan this special day has a special liking, netizen rose writes so in the card: "We choose on August 8, took a fancy to this day of historic souvenir meaning namely " , a lot of netizens all represented same think of a way.

The reporter understands, marry to answer what will appear on August 8 climax, the marriage of many countrywide cities registers a branch already formulate marriage registers lash-up beforehand case, make sure new personality is registered in order thereby. Bureau of Beijing civil administration issues announcement, beijing marriage registry office will be adopted ahead of schedule the spot makes an appointment (make an appointment register according to time paragraph will deal with register) , extend make an appointment on the net, the spot is registered that day wait for 3 kinds of means, the marriage of contented citizen registers a desire, reduce a citizen to queue up to expect time at the same time. The lash-up of and other places of Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi'an beforehand case already also came on stage in succession.

Make an appointment to what other city uses the means that register, does Yinchuan city have relevant policy to come on stage? Yesterday, the reporter promotes registry office of the marriage that celebrate an area to be informed from Yinchuan city, day of in former years is the biggest recieve a quantity to reach 170 pairs of newlywed person, preliminary estimation this year Olympic Games day the registering number of Yinchuan city won't be cruel that day add. Opposite after all at home a few big cities, the population amount of Yinchuan is limited, marital registry office shows some personnel, establishment to be able to be dealt with completely, reason makes an appointment without what publish other city the policy that register, the accurate new people that the plan registers in Olympic Games day can need not worry, can follow that day along with do. The increase sharply of the number that register that happens likely that day with respect to Olympic Games day, marital registry office also can have done relevant preparation work ahead of schedule, register with making sure the new personality that comes round to register is dealt with as soon as possible.
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