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The regulation of world each country to marriage
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Each country is right marry conditional regulation: Marrying is the legal action that the requirement that both sides of male and female sets according to law and program form husband and wife, must the requirement that be good law sets.

One, should accord with legal minimum marriageable age. The formulary difference of each country is bigger, if England sets a men and women all 16 years old; France sets a men and women 18 years old, female 15 years old; Japan sets male 18 years old, female 16 years old; Italy sets male 16 years old, female 14 years old; Spain sets male 14 years old, female 12 years old; The United States each continent the provision is not same, male for 15 arrive 21 years old, female for 14 arrive 18 years old; Russia stipulates the men and women all is 18 years old.

2, most state regulation, marry must both sides agrees of one's own accord. Some countries set, those who get father and mother still is need to agree when minor marriage;

3, most country all prohibits lineal and consanguineous marriage, but the limitation to collateral line and consanguineous intermarriage, each country provision is broad severe differ. Japanese regulation, inside 3 generation collateral line and consanguineous must not marry; American regulation, between brotherly sister, uncle, , prohibit marrying between the occasional aunt of uncle, uncle and niece, niece, aunt and nephew, nephew;

4, most country makes clear a regulation to execute a monogamy, the religion of be patient of of a few country executes a polygyny between follower of a religion;

5, the person that prohibits contracting some kind of disease marries, french regulation, maiden husband and wife is invigorative when disease, the relative such as its parents has authority to be opposite marital demur; Switzerland prohibits epileptic patient marries.

Abroad is right marry formal regulation: Each country law all stipulated the form that establishs regular marriage asks, if be not accorded with,marry formal requirement, this marriage cannot hold water effectively. Most country sets, the course is only civil the marriage that register, just be regular marriage. But the demand that each countryman thing registers is diverse. In a few countries that execute religious marriage, admit the spousal that holds by religious canon place is regular marriage only. Some countries allow party to be mixed in religion in be not ritual optional a kind, any choices all are effective. Return some countries and area to ask both sides of male and female lives together in fact with husband and wife's identity only, do not pass any ceremonies, can establish effective marriage, be like Icelandic, Scotland. Also some national regulations, if one party cannot attend wedding, OK and written form entrusts representative of a third party.

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