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Ministry of Education relaxes marital policy undergraduate goes in succession ma
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Ministry of Education issued an opinion a few days ago, to married student's lawful birth, the school must not be borne with its for give leave school. Policy of undergraduate marriage Yo is farther lift a ban, let many undergraduates some " enchanted " . Recently, reporter from Shanghai place of each big marriage interpose understands, today summer, undergraduate " make friend " , " date " warm up, partial marriage appeared unexpectedly on the register of interpose place a few big 2, big the schoolboy of 3, there is no lack of among them hand in big, wait for a school student with aid.

Nonlocal undergraduate wants to do " come husband "

The Xiaolin that comes from Beijing (alias) read Yu Huadong Normal University at present, his v/arc be on the throne at Sichuan north road a marriage uprights below the help of place, found well-content girlfriend. The woman is genuine Shanghai girl, come from this locality an average college, domestic condition is better, woman father and mother returns acceptance to offer marry housing. Still have a year, xiaolin be about to the university graduates, he says, compared with in university campus hard look for other in part, oneself more favour looks for marriage interpose.

"The amative more of campus arises in association, if want to go after a schoolgirl, can secure an end only, marriage interpose place offerred a lot of opportunities that interact with the opposite sex, and bilateral purpose is clear, the save labour when the province. " Xiaolin says.

The staff member of place of this marriage interpose expresses, now schoolboy of a few other places to will be in Shanghai henceforth better base oneself upon, select the woman student with domestic advantageous condition in succession. The reporter still understands, the registrant with a few small ages also apt searchs the girlfriend with economic better condition. Place of this marriage interpose has recieved even firm full college man student of 20 years old will register, he comes the purpose of marriage interpose place is very clear, should do namely " come husband " .

Ms. Xu of center of interpose of marriage of Shanghai dream predestined relationship tells a reporter, it is doctoral student, Master is registered natively as one used to do, now a few big 2, big the schoolboy of 3 also prepares early. Although they still belong to a few group in signing marriage team at present, as bigger as age nevertheless ask for marriage person photograph comparing, their amative experience can say is white paper a piece, find the woman student that hits it off perfectly with oneself more easily.
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