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Marry interlocution of policy of the marriage that register
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Special disease suffers from still do not grant to register

Apply according to rising on October 1, 2003 " marriage registers byelaw " regulation, contract the disease that thinks to ought not to marry on medicine, the marital mechanism that register will not be registered marry. This is meant, suffer from certain " of the disease that ought not to marry " person, because this is taken,still be less than a marriage certificate likely.

In addition, byelaw still set other 4 conditions that do not grant to register: Did not go to legal marriage of the age; Blame is bilateral and freewill; One party is bilateral perhaps already had a mate; Belong to lineal and consanguineous or 3 acting less than are collateral line and consanguineous.

Conceal an illness to one party and let other one party what marry with oneself is in below unwitting circumstance, although married,law also will announce this marriage is invalid.

Street do not to do marriage to register

" marriage registers byelaw " regulation, the mechanism that conduction marriage of dweller of our country inland registers is branch of civil administration of government of prefectural class people or countryside (town) people government, government of people of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government is OK according to civilian the specific mechanism that the principle decides the farmer deals with marriage to register.

New promulgate " marriage registers byelaw " , put in a principle that centralized management registers 's charge clearly, changed in the city by the street agency, way that must handle marriage to register by government of villages and towns in the country. This is meant, street henceforth agency deals with marriage to register no longer, government of villages and towns is masses of a rural area is dealt with no longer marry the sole office that register.

Live together not to get protection with spouse name

Marry besides must outside the requirement that be good law sets, still must perform legal procedure, according to " marriage registers byelaw " carry out. The marriage law of our country sets the 8th times, the both sides of male and female of requirement marriage must register mechanism to undertake conjugal registering to marriage personally.

" marriage registers byelaw " promulgate and carry out, emphasize actually again from legal level namely: Marry registering is marry surely classics law order. Do not live together with spouse name via registering, be not marital condition namely in fact, its form and content cannot get effective protection of law.
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