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Marriage celebrate: The product directs Vs demand directs
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JOYCE bridal studio provides bridal plan service, so marriage where does the demand that celebrate direct the distinction that directs with the product is in?

Like be being illuminated according to marriage gauze surely as marrying, present people marries to also search surely marriage celebrate a company; And marriage celebrate a company also from chair, the marriage car, person that photograph the person that offer like the product that wait to be offerred to bridal service develops; From bridal plan, bridal spot decorate, make up the modelling choice to cameraman, change as the demand of people, all these is very important. The lifetime for you bridal celebration, the following whether does the problem that these do not consider probably before consider somewhat now?

Concoctive division

Is your concoctive division professional?

Whether can your concoctive division understand your requirement truly?

Is your concoctive division special the wedding that cares about you, your idea?

Is your jumping-off place that engineers division the originality that is based on concoctive him division, profit margin or your originality, budget?

Of your concoctive plan whether to demonstrate to pursue Wen Sheng and luxuriant and the idea of the heart that can you reflect you?

Whether does your concoctive plan have the executive plan of corresponding form a complete set?

Whether does your concoctive division backside have to cooperate the group support with tacit, powerful resource?

Whether can your concoctive plan get the execution of one hundred percent?
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