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Credit card of card of Construction Bank dragon is rolled out marriage celebrate
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A few days ago, branch of Construction Bank Shanghai is pilot roll out " Le Jia predestined relationship " marriage celebrate instalment professional work.

Concern personage introduction according to the Construction Bank, this business is begun in the light of the person holding card that already handled marriage to register. After approve of Construction Bank of classics of the person that hold card, will award marriage celebrate enjoy the forehead to spend only in installment, can appoint in the Construction Bank marriage celebrate engage by special arrangement business door passes instalment special POS pays marriage celebrate consumptive money, or through phone, fax with in installment means buys relevant mail-order product, the person that hold card is avoided pay or pay corresponding poundage. Marriage celebrate in installment the forehead is spent highest can amount to 100 thousand, and the line of credit that does not take up Long Ka holds calorie of person.