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Summer 3 inferior, reaching the sky of briny green jade
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The seaside goes vacationing actually not certain blame goes to abroad, hainan 3 inferior the enjoyment that provided all concerned of great capacities. Seawater still is not same blue, the beach still is not same white, no more than of Pacific Ocean islands is floriferous and severalfold money, went abroad just. Do badly, the awkwardness that the language is illogical, discrimination affects the mood that go vacationing possibly. Especially honeymoon travels, than what relaxed, optional mood is important, choice 3 inferior concise, concise like Bai Sha.

Oath the remotest corners of the earth

Reaching the sky of green jade of the horn of the limit of the day, ground, seawater, have a pair of sweet hearts, stand on the beach, face the megalith of the seaside, closefisted is grasped together, close an eye, the sound of love is given out from the bottom of the heart, sound takes sea wind to fly, fly to the sky, fly to the world, fly to future, flying Xiang Yongheng...

The remotest corners of the earth is located in 3 inferior 23 kilometers are in city southwest seaside, 3 inferior the urban district has nonstop regular bus, entrance ticket 40 yuan.

Motion inferior Long Wan

Inferior white jade beach of Long Wan, soft and exquisite, lie go in to melt. The briny visibility of azure blue amounts to 20 meters, shrimp likes to catch the crural motherboard of tourist, crawly, the foot does not wish to take away, make they are caught all one's life good. Besides beautiful beach, the seaside still has the cliff of Xun of strange Shi Lin, carry the hill on the foot, face about very quickly with respect to go into business, go up hill go into business is so simple. Inferior Long Wan is located in 3 inferior 30 kilometers are in to the south of the urban district, entrance ticket 40 yuan.
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