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Feminine go on a journey makes up in the bag add subtration
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For the woman that goes to will going out, most headaching its nothing is more... than bales oneself beauty makeup article, the bottle container canister on dresser accepts or reject hard. But the beauty this year makeup those who taste more lay particular stress on is full effect, should master only so make up in the bag add subtration criterion, one content is multi-purpose not be mythological. Can make you light absolutely relaxed loose go on a journey goes, beautiful come back!

Make up the addition in the bag

What addition principle more emphasizes is to defend, and this " protect " be nurse in the foundation besides, add to have again " muti_function " of effect nurse product, can help you be far from ultraviolet ray, dust and dry.

Addition 1 prevent times higher bask in

Come in and go out at ordinary times office building, of SPF15 prevent bask in a value sufficient already solved you prevent bask in a problem, but in go on a journey these days, need to add a texture frivolous, effect is powerful prevent times higher bask in article, can let skin carefree ground breathes already, still can defence intensity ultraviolet ray.

SPF25 or 25 above are prevented diploidly bask in article belong to prevent times higher bask in, and frivolous not sticky be bored with, waterproof preventing sweat is area of the place when choosing a travel is prevented bask in another tasted reference standard.

Addition 2 prevent the cake that bask in pink

This year prevent lay particular stress on of more of the cake that bask in pink at amphibious sex, can fill not only makeup fill prevent bask in, can have sweet white more frivolous and firm calm makeup action.

Grease of the excretive on the dirt on the road, face, sweat is mingled together, plus every other 3 two hours fill of besmear prevent bask in frost, be in namely simply and mud, hurt the skin already, makeup also get a flower.

If making up,one is added to prevent the cake that bask in pink to be able to solve this kind of awkwardness in the bag. It can let ground of your without anybody knowing it arrange dizzy the eye that open makeup, the glossy since cover extensive, still can filling makeup while rise to fill prevent the effect that bask in.

3 addition protect addition skin

Do not want patronage move him general dresses up brightly, the skin in journey nurses also want an attention! If 7 days grow a holiday to be spent in journey, eliminate foundation protects skin measure outside, if apply face film and chamfer pledge measure must be added,special skin nurses.
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