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Lan Xi villages of all arrowroot the Eight Diagrams
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Entrance ticket: 58 yuan

Open time: In the morning 8: 00~ afternoon 16: 30

Tourist attraction introduction:

Countrywide key cultural relic protects an unit

Area of travel of national AAAA stage

Countrywide Zhu Geliang descendant is the biggest ground of inhabit a region

Villages of all arrowroot the Eight Diagrams, be located in the churchyard of orchid brook city of ministry of Zhejiang Chinese and Western, this low and upland the dorp between, it is the ground of the biggest live in a compact community of descendant of Zhu Geliang of prime minister of the kingdom of Shu Han of the Three Kingdoms. Thousands of villager is having same surname: All arrowroot.

According to " family name of Gao Longzhu arrowroot is genealogical " account, the Christian era 1340 around, zhu Geliang Ge Dashi of Sun Zhu of the 27th world is bought with weighing gold this land, zhu Geliang descendant people in the Lan Xi with this distinctive landform Gao Longgang begins to work haunt, according to legend of world arteries and veins. To bright generation middle period already formed nearly 1000 old village, for short for Zhejiang Province house distinguished family is brought on the west. Chase substitute dorp name with surname, namely today Zhu Gecun.

Zhu Gecun's most mysterious place, be called when number " Chinese a special skill " the layout of palace the Eight Diagrams of dorp. Zhuge Dashi " can weather channel, area is geographical " it is an outstanding can area learns the home. He follows first ancestor 8 graphs build a village, plan of with great concentration, shi Shangji of national ancient structure's slash in beginning this creation. Then the alley road in the village, room is abandoned, between Qiu Tang implicit distinctive inside the Eight Diagrams. More clever however what natural day becomes is, outside the village all around have the rise that is like Lian Fei to connect 8, the Eight Diagrams outside was being formed again at 8 azimuth. Accordingly, here is called by later generations again: Villages of all arrowroot the Eight Diagrams.

The village has saliva pond to be called Zhong Chi, it is the center of the Eight Diagrams inside Zhu Gecun. Female people does his washing in gauze of the wash in the pond, bank criterion but air is basked in, old and young more be happy to here prattle is interesting. It is between Liu Bantang partly too extremely figure of contrast of fish of yin and yang. For the center with Zhong Chi outward radiate gives 8 tunnel, the civilian house in the village surrounds this and reside, natural classify the bank of the Eight Diagrams, straightforward, shake, Xun, from, female, add, male 8 place. Ramble is spread at the bluestone in the village Gu Hangshi, can experience be like Lian Fei to connect, half are illogical, labyrinthian and abstruse fun. The tourist expects hard into this false or true all right, its and often must not enter, do not know why diameter and piece.
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