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Leave the country travel conduct financial transactions: The money changes skill
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The travelling bag of go on a journey has been cleared away, your shop pay a tool ready also? The reporter interviewed Europe of Guangdong nation force to leave the country swim Mu Yan of department general manager, leave the country for the citizen swim how to change a money to raise opportunely action, before everybody sets out, can want to plan carefully one time, when lest leave the country,shopping, be in an unfavorable situation.

Convert a loss for many times big

Popular to be being compared at present Australia swims, Japan swims, suggest to good place money is traded first before the citizen goes out. Swim with Australia for exemple, the local bazaar in Australia, large supermarket is average with bay yuan settle accounts, of course, also can carry dollar and RMB to head for, DFS duty-free inn and characteristic shop normally also collection this kind of money, change the value with everyday official quoted price is accurate. Differ as a result of what change rate, produce a loss to avoid for many times to change, the proposal goes out to use local money as far as possible.

Cash shops choose accurate money to plant

An uses all right money is taken no account of to plant when a lot of citizens leave the country, spend all foreign currency specified amounts however trade a dollar entirely. "Actually this is planted practice very not rational. " the citizen leaves the country now before travel exchangeable to corresponding foreign currency, can plant for the money of the choice basically have dollar, euro or Hongkong dollar. Change a dollar to go out row, still convert the money that gives a ground, market of main basis foreign currency goes situation situation to decide. Can avoid exchange rate to change brought loss so.

Use opportunely borrow a move in chess or a movement in wushu that write down card much

Have save money brush card " course " ? In fact, chinese harbor is reached in the Han that can brush silver-colored couplet to get stuck, peaceful, bay wait for ground of go on a journey, use silver-colored couplet to block the consumption that brush card, use silver-colored couplet network namely, need to change a course through money of one inferior goods only among, exchange rate convert most essence of life is accurate, accordingly also most be economical.

Current, credit card almost each bank all can be dealt with, basically give priority to with card of dollar double money, also have card of bank of Hongkong dollar, euro. Differ according to ground of go on a journey, bank of a calorie of when can choose different money to plant double money gets stuck. In Europe the bazaar of major city, supermarket all can brush card, the citizen takes euro double money card is the most convenient, the most economical also.
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