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Come perfect honeymoon travels
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Estrangement, contradictory, brawl, conflict... the fire of any a bit star, the sweetness that can work hard you immediately goes vacationing cremate ashes. Here, teach you how to have a perfect vacation trip.

Whether are you belonging to you in the plan of two people go out journey? Does be enlightened cross this holiday to concern yours is one hammer done thoroughly calm? Hum, idea is very good, but -- must not urgent, sober, sober -- romantic French " the brigade of an affectionate couple " it is every pairs admittedly

Sweethearts longs for day and night, but the feasibility condition that perhaps you face wants far the flooey in be being imagined than you is gotten much. Apparently it seems that, go out go vacationing to confuse you like " Utopian " euqally fascinating. But actually, have a bit inadvertent, your holiday can become the breeding ground that all disharmonious problems cause. Face a variety of objective, subjective problem interest, view, habit, style... the difference between any two people gives you likely " accurate honeymoon " bring a deathblow. If do not think those who let oneself " the brigade of heaven " become finally " Tartarean travel " if, the thing that you should do reads article carefully namely, recognize casts off these going vacationing to travel " natural enemy " .

One of natural enemy: External pressure

Intense business affairs negotiates, traffic jam, install check endlessly to await, oneself energy is lost gradually in can letting you elapse in the time of every little bit. When energy extinct, patience and mood also can volatilize subsequently, pressure can make everything complete change flavour, arrive thoroughly ulterly changed, this includes you among them, also include him.

This is very good understand, this kind of thing in reality often also happens. Normally, for such going vacationing, you can be done lots and lots of preparation, some can procrastinate to face even go out to just be finished, work for example have sex, of pet find a place for, the article in clearing away the home, buy a swimsuit to wait a moment. After the body that dragging exhaustion when you casts off all these eventually, discover the airport suddenly install check to want a platoon fully a hour of team, does the head that can you restrain a baggage to strike at the personnel that install check turn around next the impulse that come home? Exceeding exhaustion can make in instantaneous short circuit fine long hair ignores the person's brain reach everything before.

Accordingly, how to release intense sentiment, slow the nerve of overworked, making what it does not affect your sweetness itinerary is to meet external pressure this " gold killer " crucial. Recipe has two:

One, object of recognize rise in revolt, it is it, is not him -- everything is written down cannot objective contradictory translate into the subjective contradiction between both of you
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