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"3 action " avoid travel pitfall
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Shanghai disappear is protected appoint released travel to consume clew, listed tourist attraction shrink, time shrink, shop be duped, difference of accommodation repast quality complain a focus, imparted to consumer " 3 action " answer wise move.

Problem one: Project shrink

Ms. Gong travels to Nanjing during the Spring Festival this year, say to read river Lou Jing well to because the driver does not know a way,be nodded originally, wasted 1 many hours to also was not found, be forced to end up with nothing definite finally; The advanced and private cockboat that travel agent promises became the You Lun of 10 people; The lakeside dock picnic that sells one of sites, because dock has not been built good at all,also fail to cash.

Answer way: Consumer goes out travel should understand travel agent to whether be had beforehand form a delegation lawful qualification and scope of operations, choose dimensions the travel agent with govern quality of more normative, employee bigger, better.

Problem 2: Covert collect fees

The Jiang that Spring Festival golden week travels to Xin Matai gentleman criterion savor " go up pirate ship " flavor. The journey the 3rd day of travel agent claimed to increase a Gui He at one's own expenses project, ask forcibly tourist consign money of peaceful of 2800 an ancient unit of weight; And in Malaysia when, mr Jiang shops in the inn that travel agent recommends, after the event discovers however one times taller than other store.

Answer way: The Mo Chong when travel shops is moved, should notice to discern the true bogus of commodity and quality, compare pair of prices, must ask for shopping proof and appropriate is custodial, one but discover the problem is complained to concerned director branch instantly.

Problem 3: Arrogate to oneself changes a contract

South Youyun of Mr Zhang Spring Festival, dali of the agreement on the contract that signs with travel agent takes train of sleeper air conditioning to Kunming, but changed trailer coach actually however, the travel tourist attraction that mentions expressly in the contract is serious also shrink.

Answer way: Cannot the advertisement of credulous travel agent and verbal commitment, must sign travel treaty wording, the content specific viatic time, course, price, vehicle, accommodation and repast standard and verbal commitment confirms with written form. In viatic process, discover act of break a contact of travel agent existence, want to withhold the strong evidence that rights and interests is damaged, so that undertake complaining lawfully in the future, must not adopt midway to wait for ultra behavior from the group.

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