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How does honeymoon master sexual frequency
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Long-term since, people thinks sexual life has profit to people, sexual intercourse can enhance the happy sense of most person, already a few experimental medicine evidence make clear, the person of sexual life harmony often healthy long life, strong evidence still makes clear, the woman with contented sexual life contracts heart disease not easily.

So the frequency of sexual life, how many times relatively appropriate, quantity of activity of each human nature is different. Will tell commonly, because frequency is racial, different area, setting of different society culture, and individual age, healthy circumstance with mentation different. Some newlywed, make love every day almost in honeymoon, among them the night of newly-married, successive sex 4-5 second, also shut the door to make love by day even, but also should try appropriately abstemious, unfavorable and excessive. Somebody is investigated, the frequency of man sexual life follows the growth of the age commonly and decrease successively, in 22-25 year old during, every week 3; 32-35 year old, every week 2; In 41-45 year old, fall every week 1. Of course, this is an average only. Every age group has very big difference, some people arrive one day several times more, and another some of person arrives less mensal. Cannot judge sexual intercourse so only from coital frequency measurable.

If be told merely from physiology, so no matter men and women, no matter age size, when producing sexual excitement, if it were not for is loath, do not have the feeling with uncomfortable what again, can live sexual life so, need not consider to lie between how long last time at all. Alleged and loath, it is to point to yielding Yu Nan in the female square sexual requirement; Be in the male: Had not missed sexual life so originally, recumbent however see maize books and periodicals or video come " arouse " oneself, masturbate forcibly even, so that throw sexual life. This is quite harmful. Because the male is after every time ejaculation, can be in a paragraph or the gender arises to react no longer inside short or long time. It is a kind of natural protection to the man. If right now him reluctance throws sexual life, do not answer with respect to what wait to think the ground destroys him then period protection, this is harmful to the body of course.

Many sterility patients are in of sexual life frequency hold go up to often be at a loss, because some doctors make his much live sexual life a few times, and some doctors try to restrict however, how to make gift after all more effective?

Measuring the objective level with sexual life whether appropriate frequency is, the following day whether bouncy in the morning, invigoration. If the 2nd day is in after sexual intercourse or a few days in, appear the following circumstance, do not check again give other reason, can consider as excessive, ought to somewhat abstemious, lengthen the time interval of sexual life appropriately.
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