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The most complete honeymoon travels bright and beautiful bursa
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Be about to become newlywed person the pre-construction that whether you already did good honeymoon to travel works? If do not have, what to still wait for, begin the operation now! The goods that honeymoon journey needs to carry can divide roughly it is the following kinds:

1 . Necessary papers things: Cost of gold of Id, marriage certificate, journey, brigade parades directory of watch, travel, relatives and friends contacts means

2. Viatic things: Plane of medicines and chemical reagents of parasol, blower, nail-clippers, fruit knife, bumf, camera, negative, batteries, watch, urgent need, magazine, sport, little travel bag

3. Clothings of close-fitting wash one's hands and face: Underwear, sock, handkerchief, change wash clothings, pajama, leather shoes, travel shoe, sunglass, masked article, maintain article, every day object

4. Article of viatic medicines and chemical reagents and lash-up

A. Antibiotic kind medicaments: Element of mildew of helix of capsule of benzyl of ammonia of Bao of element of mildew of fluorine Pai acerbity capsule, Mai Di, head, acetyl piece, tetracycline piece, terramycin piece, element of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread piece, new Nuo of medicine made of two or more ingredients bright, the Qing Dynasty on the rhizome of Chinese goldthread piece, bezoar detoxify piece

B. Spirit of virus of disease-resistant bane content (Lin double guanidine) , amine of King Kong alkyl, board La Genchong agent, board La Gen piece

C. Respiratory system is commonly used capsule of catch a cold of medical quick result, Yin Qiao is alexipharmic piece, antelope becomes warped alexipharmic piece, antelope becomes warped alexipharmic bolus, cough surely licorice of clear, compound piece, tendril-leaved fritillary bulb of medicine made of two or more ingredients piece, dimension C Yin Qiao piece, icing of larynx painful spirit piece, asthma is decided, oil of male chaste tree

D. Buddhist nun of thunder of commonly used medicine replaces digestion fourth, Xi Mi replaces man (guanidine of armour cyanogen Mi) , extract of gastropine, propantheline, belladonna piece, gastric answer is installed, how enzymatic piece, bolus of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop (water) , furazolidone (furan Zun ketone) , guide if really piece

E. Prevent medicine of carsick, boat to take dizzy peace (before travel half hours are taken) , by dizzy static (take dizzy peace together)

F. Fight Si Min of allergic medicine breath piece, chlorpheniramine, blame that root, Sai Geng Ding

G. Antifebrile, anodyne goes painful piece, paracetamol piece, diminish inflammation is painful, phlogistic painful happy event health (Bi Luo Xikang) , toothache one bead bolus

H. Composed, sleeping pill stable, fluorine stable, chlorodyne, fast can Mian

I. Medicine of medicine of the sea snake on anguine vulnerary, Ji Desheng snake

J. Oil of energy of oil of Ren Dan of sunstroke prevention medicine, cool and refreshing oil, art of 10 drops, E, wind oil, Bai Hua, press the put on the skin outside the specification or to be taken orally at any time.
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