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Namucuo: Walk into love heaven together
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On this world, have so a few places, can cause an a lot of detail about love as the journey, and the honeymoon that the sweetheart of different type can be in the place that this day of selection goes differring to spend romance, go in the affection on the road it seems that gift is greater. Wave in this air coming loose sweet olfactory is seasonal, let a lover walk into the love heaven in the dream together.

Arrange of Tibetan accept wood

Love content language: Let love blossom in holy blue

Arrange of Tibetan accept wood

Strong feeling index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Selected reason: Tibetan sky

Always be so blue, la Deru this is dinkum, also cross even air as be being cleaned general, spotless. Below blue sky, the person that loves with place is pulling a hand, go on the road, see worship on bended knees gives birth to what Qin Lang plunges into hill to having the believer of the purest smile, turn classics discharge one row on the road turn to leave roll in people finger tip via the canister, taking the wish with religious people to turning, as if one kind pure rise in the heart. The Namucuo of color of that azure blue, in the drawing that loves in finger tip so, appear suddenlily in at the moment.

Let new people be below the sky with pure Tibet, with Namucuo holy lake is intermediary, tang Gu reading aloud blueness pulls divine hill to be card, make the commitment with next changeless lifetime.

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