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Honeymoon, make the DNA that makes her happy
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The love that sets foot on honeymoon travels, let happy look partner, happy look is followed. How to make her happy? How to make joy? If, bridegroom still is water of a mist to this, search happy DNA together along with us at once, let a sweetheart be enmeshed in the cheerful atmosphere that you build!

DNA 1: Romantic emotional appeal, be not you cannot!

The woman does not like romance without which. In honeymoon in a such specific environments, although you are not a romantic person, also come romantic. Honeymoon is itinerary in, need you sometimes a bit more floriferous idea. Know romance without who inherently, meet romantic be in harmony at consciousness in, perforative in the action, so, you also are the one member of Romantic.

1, candle power dinner

Champagne, flower, candle power dinner, can get the romantic result that expect is less than simply however. Not hesitant, when booking a hotel, mix beforehand certainly serving personnel to emphasize his with respect to the dot is honeymoon journey, so average public house can prepare the candle, champagne and flower, will reflect its human nature to change a service. Romantic before, it is so simple!

2, flower houseful

If you are satisfied at candle power dinner not just such in a popular style is romantic, the surprise honeymoon that that can consult Bei Kehan Mu prepares for hot younger sister! The journey that the room of flower houseful, expect is less than, happy nothing is more... than this! Actually, you are possible also!

3, simple: I love you.

The romance of class of ashes of the dead is not a solemn pledge of love, not be to vow solemnly, it is simple only: I love you. But, a lot of Chinese are not good at expressing his love. This needs you to search allow an opportunity, say affectionately to her: "I love you. " romance is no good, also can make her happy arrive be no good!

DNA2: Surprizing, those who bring is double and happy!

Surprizing, joy is self-evident, can bring double joy more. So, how to produce a surprise? Be inferior to learning to learn Ni Zhen.

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