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Autumn wind sends bright why to to ascend high honeymoon
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Sorching summer eventually gradually far go, the leaf of the woods begins extensive to give the Huang Yi that selects a site, the autumn wind with cool prep against sways gently. Such opportunity, suit to come with continuous mountain range most an intimate contact, no matter be the Huang Shan of far road,still be in nearly the Na Kunshan that very close, uprise overlook, what always one kind lets your relaxed and happy is free from worry.

Long term swim recommend: Huang Shan

All along of yellow hill scenery has pretty good public praise, different season has its different view, no matter be,still be in the plan, huang Shan can yet be regarded as go up the uprise choice of beautiful.

Mention of Huang Shan " a four-line poem with five characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme " , strange pine, strange stone is to welcome tourist presence at any time, what be worth to be taken care designedly nowadays is " dream pen gives birth to a flower " the faze Long Song in one scene, the plastic mimic that used 17 years was fizzled out by one individual plant eventually a few days ago what Song Zhenshu replaces mountain, new resurgence " dream pen gives birth to a flower " marvellous spectacle, today Qiu You yellow hill, ten million cannot be missed, saw with one's own eyes goes test and verify in this branch fokelore " divine pen " .

"Sea of clouds " often be can be encountered and cannot beg, the people that also is You Huangshan stays many spaces that expect. Have so that have surely nevertheless break, when the sea of clouds diffuses, the scenery of overlook of a few need in Huang Shan (include " dream pen gives birth to a flower " a kind) likely by cloak of place of cloud and mist, whether to because this sees you and which kinds of landscape,have a reason. Air temperature drops, enjoy in Huang Shan " hot spring " be moment, although still fail to be admired at the same time " wintry snow " , should be to be oneself the next time arrival accepts an argument.

The first perilous peak of Huang Shan " day Dou Feng " will been opposite afresh in March this year through 5 years of have holidays by turns tourist is open, add Huang Shan the first height " lotus peak " , today autumn uprise needs authority more perseverance and effort. Play a law newly to recommend:

Travel to be able to be centered on hill normally to Huang Shan before, and the form of amuse oneself of nearly two years of a Huang Shan and union of badge city culture has his moment with each passing day, lengthened through rich content not only itinerary, and the lasting appeal of badge city culture also more and more be loved by popular.

Compare famous brand tourist attraction to include among them: Give on the west, the building of badge city dorp that grand village, Na Bing, Guan Lu represents, tang Yue memorial archway group, the culture of badge city custom that fishing bridge dam represents. In addition, the beautiful hill of new development is confused near Huang Shan it is hole, Feng Lehu, OK to show bank and Qi Yunshan to wait go in the route that adds you at will.
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