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Newly-married is safe: Sweet monthly holiday did not forget viatic accident dang
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One person is previously satiate, family not anxious, will face fuel now. Just enter the youth of marital hall, how to begin the plan of conduct financial transactions of little family, can ability ensure harships does not have care?

Insurance adviser suggests must successive buys insurance.

Honeymoon travel does not forget viatic accident danger

Viatic accident danger is indispensable.

Follow travel agent go on a journey commonly, can have a place difficult of access of responsibility of a travel agent, but the contingency that it causes because of travel agent responsibility in safeguard journey only. For instance the individual ate bastard to fall ill, do not take care on foot sprain foot, these are not inside compensatory limits. And, youth fashionable self-help swims now, all risk losses in journey want him to assume, so, viatic accident insurance is more important. Go abroad danger of the journey outside swimming to want to choose to contain the whole world to tighten the condition of emergency treatment aid.

Medical treatment danger reduces birthday danger to still shift a risk

A lot of new personality are to pass a bank to mortgage bought bridal chamber, when buying insurance so, also should consider still shift a risk.

Insurance expert suggests, birthday danger protects the forehead to answer as identical as loan amount, if borrow money 100 thousand yuan, keeping the specified number also should be 100 thousand yuan. Birthday danger should give a building advocate usurer (it is domestic pillar commonly) buy, such ability ensure in case produce a risk, can continue to still be borrowed. Next, safeguard of consideration medical treatment is planted nearly, had better be to the danger of allowance of be in hospital is planted, can be made up for with it fall ill the pecuniary loss when be in hospital.
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