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Special honeymoon ground: On the earth welcome sun state the earliest
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"Malo E Lelei " (Tonga language " hello! " ) , set foot on Tonga when you this beauty and be full of magical colorific land, the enthusiasm that this kind greeting lets you experience a Tongan already, honest with hospitality. Perhaps, in those days when the library overcomes a captain to ascend this land, also have experience and experience identically, pardonable he is what Tonga says " the island of friendship " .

Tonga is located in south Pacific heart, fiji is faced on the west, button dust island leans east, north to Samoa, sea facies is lain between to look with New Zealand south. Analyse locally from favourable geographical position, it uprights at west longitude 40 ′ of 173 ° come between 20 ′ of 175 ° , rely on date closely to change a line on the west side, accordingly, it is the welcomes the sun the earliest state on the earth.

Tonga is comprised by 176 islands, dispersed go up at the offing of kilometer of 70 much square, terrestrial area is 750 square kilometer only. The eastpart part is coral island more, be in the majority with volcanic island western, among them only 36 islands are inhabited, these islands are divided to be 4 archipelago again: Tonga tower cloth, Wawawu, haing clique is mixed button dust archipelago. The whole nation the population of 2/3 lives in advocate island -- on island of Tonga tower cloth, here also is the seat of law of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of A of capital exert library. Tongan mouth is made an appointment with 110 thousand, belong to Polynesia ethnic group, ab extra immigrant is insufficient 1% . Through the ablution of nature and history, the Tongan formed him distinctive ethical culture and tradition are consuetudinary, acting acting inheritance, unbroken and incessant.

Tonga belongs to selva climate, year average air temperature 23 ° . Blue sky, blue sea, Bai Sha, reef, coconut forest, numerous flower, greenbelt, formed an insularity landscape with a moving beauty. As a result of Tonga stand upright at ocean in, air all the year round pure and fresh, it is the world is accepted " 0 pollution " one of areas, ground of common people figure says for " natural oxygen " .

Although do not have blatant metropolitan flourishing, but the natural landscape with distinctive Tonga is attracting countless foreign tourists to come this stops. The Sawayi of the gush wet hole that is located in south bank of island of Tonga tower cloth and Samoa insular gush wet hole is eponymous, be south the marvellous spectacle with distinctive Pacific Ocean. Be continuous the coasting cay of a few kilometers is bristly, every time at high tide, a situation full of danger is patted billowily coastward, seawater down reef in by tens of thousands size burrow eagerly spew comes out, form number
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