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Grow false go on a journey: Grace grows circuit to recommend
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11 long holidays are coming, or it is a choice a city that has recreational temperament is comfortable wander, or it is slam the door the those groovy circuitry, brigade that begins the individual character that try to be unique, anyhow, 7 abundant days, can hold the post of by us elegant ground is prodigal, enjoy the fun of journey to the top of one's bent.

Recommend circuit



Dali / Li Jiang

On the west double edition accept

3 fly 7 days

Circuit characteristic: Visit a tourist attraction to include cereal of garden of arboretum of Meng human relations, Dai nationality, wild elephant, Li Jiang area of big Yulong scene and on the west double edition accept selva nature groove guard, can appreciate the natural scene of Yunnan and local minority local customs adequately.

Referenced price: China International travel agent 5450 yuan / the person rises

The reporter comments on: Travel circuitry flies for annulus, saved the time on traffic, the route is more easy also comfortable. Not only on the way scenery show is lubricious but eat, all the way still big beautiful phase of an eclipse is accompanied.

Recommend circuit



Double lie 5 days

Circuit characteristic: Benxi water hole

Ever by " Chinese country is geographical " choose for " China's most beautiful travel burrow " one of, it is the longest can see by row underground underground river on the world, breast of the bell inside the hole is bristly, 1000 appearance 100 condition, go boating among them, if face elfland. After visitting Benxi geology museum, still can cross by the car the China with the most classical Benxi the road of maple leaf, admire the autumn beautiful scenery that comprises by all sorts of colour all the way. The foreign lake channel on this road is attracted every year large quantities of art school teachers and students and photography lover come round, become civilized all directions " painter village " .

Referenced price: In black force 1220 yuan / the person rises

The reporter comments on: Be worth autumn day, the brigade it may be said that chooses this time of maple part of a historical period that views and admire autumn scenery is in season do sth for the occasion. "Of maple leaf " the brigade of popular science of Benxi zoology geology suits to kiss more child piece row. But double lying arrangement may show fatigued a bit.

Recommend circuit

Take solo flight of You Lun You Sanxia 6 days

Circuit characteristic: Arrive at Yichang, visit gorge mouth scenic spot -- 3 swim after the hole, ascend " president 2 " You Lun of 5 stars class, begin the brigade of 3 gorge. Can visit area of scene of national 4A class on the way -- jar mountain, visiting can says " of the world most " project of key water control project of 3 gorge large dams; After touching Ba Dong, transship visits divine farming brook, will watch what did not solve on the way " hang coffin " mystery, reach big cave of swallow a footpath between fields, view and admire Wu Xia and scene of gorge of Qu the Tang Dynasty, the hero that admires Kui door is beautiful; Arrive at a surname, the countryside a surname that visits Chinese god music ghost town; Arrive at Chongqing finally, visit world culture bequest -- big sufficient carved stone
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